Principal’s Words

Mrs Elizabeth King
School Principal

Welcome to Box Hill, Ma On Shan branch. We are proud to be the first branch established in New Territories, Hong Kong.

Our school has a caring, nurturing and safe environment for the pre-primary education to young children. Good English language level is always one of our school strengths. This quality is well known to the neighbouring communities and it is the most common credit that we often receive from parents. As the well-being of each child is of a paramount importance to us, our aim is to maintain good quality of teaching in the coming years.

It is our belief that the home, the school and the children need to work together to achieve overall success. With high level of personal care and good English speaking atmosphere, our teaching staff is committed to bringing out children’s full potential. It is our mission to lead each child to have joyful and rich learning experience at early education years.

We are excited with all the NEW developments at school. All equipment in classrooms is of the latest technology. Our teaching materials are constantly upgraded. The library is well stocked with updated reading and reference books for children and the teaching staff. As a normal practice, we plan and make exciting outings for all classes every academic year. For our very young learners, we provide enriching playgroups with new stimulating range of educational and sensory materials.

Responding to the high demand for our Nursery courses, we will keep on looking for good venue to set up new branches. Through our website, we will keep you informed of our progress. You are welcome to call us and make an appointment to discuss any aspect of school life. We are pleased to welcome those families who look forward to relocating to Hong Kong.

It is my pleasure to be the Principal of this fine school. I am deeply honoured taking this vocation that is very close to my heart. I am confident that you and your child will have an enjoyable time with us.

Applications are open for the 2022/23 school year!