Dancing Buddies

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2.5 - 6.0



Tue / Thur

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All children are naturally attuned to sound and rhythm (one reason why music mobiles are so soothing to infants), and for months now, your little one has probably responded to music by smiling, swaying and perhaps even clapping her hands.

Listening to music helps young children think and express themselves more creatively, a skill that’s sure to help your little one later in school. Plus, getting their groove on by dancing improves children’s coordination and sense of how their bodies fit into their surroundings. And young children dancing helps set the stage for an active childhood filled with all types of movement.


Miss Luci

With over 10 years of dancing experience, she is familiar with Modern Dance, Contemporary, K-Pop, Latin Dance, Jazz, Hip-Hop and much more!

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3:15 PM – 4:15 PM


$220 / Lesson

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